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There are two main types of plum blossom couplings, one is the traditional straight claw type, and the other is the curved (concave) claw type zero-backlash coupling.The traditional straight-jaw plum blossom coupling is not suitable for high-degree servo transmission applications.The zero-backlash claw type plum blossom coupling is evolved on the basis of the straight claw type, but the difference is that its design can be suitable for the application of the servo system, and is often used to connect servo motors, stepping motors and ball screws.
Now our plum coupling has good balance performance and is suitable for high speed applications (high speed up to 30000 rpm), but it cannot handle large deviations, especially eccentricities and deflection angles with large axial deviations. Will generate a larger bearing load than other servo couplings.
The plum blossom coupling has good balance performance and is suitable for high-speed applications (high speed up to 30000 rpm), but it cannot handle large deviations, especially axial deviations.Larger eccentricity and deflection angle will produce a larger bearing load than other servo couplings.Another value of concern is the failure of the plum blossom coupling.
Plum blossom couplings are mainly processed by machining methods such as turning, milling, and broaching, and then are heat treated as a whole to ensure sufficient mechanical strength. There is also a claw plate on the market that is a casting, which can be used in large quantities of plum blossom couplings. Two types of production are produced, and processing losses are eliminated.
In recent years, with the continuous development of my country's plum coupling industry and energy equipment manufacturing industry, its status in the world has gradually improved, especially in the field of energy equipment technical standards.
As my country's economy continues to develop and energy consumption continues to increase, the term "energy awareness" has frequently appeared and has become the focus of attention.Why is "energy awareness" a hot topic?Excessive development and utilization of coal, oil, natural gas and other energy sources, as well as the massive emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases generated during the utilization process, have caused changes in the climate and environment
The weather in the southern city in the early summer was still very hot. Knowing this, I stepped on the train going south without hesitation. I suppressed the excitement in my heart, and secretly considered this mission---board training and training. Plum blossom coupling maintenance
Service innovation, as a branch of the innovation research field, has gained more and more attention in recent years.One of the mainstream views is that service innovation mainly refers to the application of new ideas and new technologies in the service process to improve and transform existing service processes and service products
Core competitiveness is the ability of an enterprise to gradually form that is clearly different from its competitors. It is a magic weapon for enterprises to win in competition. It is mainly reflected in the core technology of the enterprise.The coupling industry is to systematize the transmission process design, equipment design, piping design, and transmission structure design.
1、 梅花联轴器锻件一般要求应无裂纹、白点、折叠、严重的锭型偏析和严重的非金属夹杂物。2、 梅花联轴器锻件超声波检验按JB/T1581-1996或JB/T1582-1996的规定进行。超声波控伤其要求如下:A. 当量直径小于2mm的单个分散的缺陷不计,但应记录,并报告需方;B. 不允许有当量直径大于5mm缺陷存在;C. 如有密集缺陷,双方协商处理。
Chairman Chen of Jindun Meihua Coupling Branch Labor Union said that with the continuous development of my country's economy and the continuous increase of energy consumption, the term "energy awareness" has appeared frequently and has become the focus of people's attention.Why "energy awareness" will become a hot topic