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Suitable for cracks on steel castings for mud pump impeller shafts, thrust shafts, drive shafts and twist shaft couplings, such as the depth does not exceed 1/2 of the thickness, and the length does not exceed the shaft stiffness or flange edge width , It is allowed to repair welding after eradicating the defect.For defects such as blisters, pores, shrinkage holes and slag inclusions, if the depth does not exceed 1/2 of the thickness and the diameter does not exceed the thickness at that point, repair welding is allowed after the defects are eliminated.
适用于船舶中间轴、推力轴、尾轴、联轴器1、 材料:常用30、35或40钢,建议采用35钢。内河小型船舶轴材料允许采用热轧钢或25钢。联轴器允许采用ZG30,ZG35。其所用材料强度一般不应低于船轴材料的强度。
1、 梅花联轴器锻件一般要求应无裂纹、白点、折叠、严重的锭型偏析和严重的非金属夹杂物。2、 梅花联轴器锻件超声波检验按JB/T1581-1996或JB/T1582-1996的规定进行。超声波控伤其要求如下:A. 当量直径小于2mm的单个分散的缺陷不计,但应记录,并报告需方;B. 不允许有当量直径大于5mm缺陷存在;C. 如有密集缺陷,双方协商处理。
The technical conditions of important forgings such as couplings for steam turbines are applicable to important forgings such as couplings for steam turbines.Ordering conditions (1) The purchaser shall specify the technical requirements of the required forgings in the order contract. (1) Forgings should be manufactured according to the drawings provided by the buyer. 2.Manufacturing requirements (2) The steel for forgings should be made of alkaline electric furnace vacuum degassing and vacuum carbon deoxidation, as well as other smelting methods agreed by the purchaser.
Chairman Chen of Jindun Meihua Coupling Branch Labor Union said that with the continuous development of my country's economy and the continuous increase of energy consumption, the term "energy awareness" has appeared frequently and has become the focus of people's attention.Why "energy awareness" will become a hot topic
Recently, Vice Minister Lou Qinjian of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology held the National Industrial Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Strategy Seminar in Guangzhou, saying that industry is the problem and difficulty of my country’s energy conservation and emission reduction. While accelerating the transformation of industrial development mode, my country will vigorously change from In four aspects, we will strengthen industrial energy conservation and emission reduction. First, we must vigorously promote structural adjustment, accelerate the elimination of backward production capacity, and curb the excessive growth of the "two high" industries
The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a notice requiring the management departments of small and medium enterprises at all levels to implement six measures to alleviate the current difficulties in production and operation of small and medium-sized enterprises.
The tension spring tooth coupling is suitable for the connection of two shafts in high-speed devices and mechanical equipment.The tension spring toothed coupling includes a hub-shaped half coupling with a connecting plate and a hub-shaped half coupling with an outer ring gear. A sector...
The coupling is used in conjunction with various host products, and the surrounding working environment is more complicated, such as temperature, humidity, water, steam, dust, sand, oil, acid, alkali, corrosive media, salt water, radiation, etc. One of the important factors to be considered when shafting.
The two shafts connected by the coupling are caused by manufacturing errors, assembly errors, installation errors, shaft deformation, base deformation, bearing wear, temperature changes (thermal expansion, cold contraction), relative movement between components, etc. This kind of factor produces relative displacement.
Due to the different types, types and specifications of the coupling structure, material, size and degree, the cost and manufacturing cost vary greatly.The cost of couplings with general requirements is lower than that with high requirements; the cost of couplings with simple structure and good manufacturability is lower than that of couplings with complex structure and poor manufacturability; the cost of couplings using general materials as raw materials Lower than couplings that use special materials as raw materials;