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When the shearer coupling is working, it needs to run in two directions. The speed in one direction is positive, and the opposite direction is negative.Generally, the shearer advances under the action of traction, and when the shearer is maneuvered along the inclined working surface in the downward direction, the direction of the sliding force is the same as the direction of movement
Under the new economic situation, the competition among enterprises is essentially a competition for customers. This competition depends on whether the enterprises can provide customers with lower prices, higher quality, better service, and faster speed than their competitors. Provide elastic coupling products or services
The weather in the southern city in the early summer was still very hot. Knowing this, I stepped on the train going south without hesitation. I suppressed the excitement in my heart, and secretly considered this mission---board training and training. Plum blossom coupling maintenance
Jindun Elastic Pin Coupling Company believes that the development of new products requires a large amount of capital and talent investment. New products are the driving force of development for enterprises. Most enterprises can realize the importance of developing new products.
Service innovation, as a branch of the innovation research field, has gained more and more attention in recent years.One of the mainstream views is that service innovation mainly refers to the application of new ideas and new technologies in the service process to improve and transform existing service processes and service products
Botou Jindun elastic coupling learned that the coal consumed by my country's power generation equipment is 374g/Kw.h, which is at least more than 50 grams higher than the advanced foreign level, which is equivalent to burning more than 1 million coal a year.
With the continuous increase in the localization rate of large petrochemical equipment, or even complete localization, domestic coupling manufacturers are getting closer and closer to petrochemical companies. Companies can ensure stable production needs on the basis of reducing inventory, and manufacturers can maintain And to expand the market, the implementation of supplier management inventory is a move to follow the trend.
With the development of logistics theory, zero inventory management as an effective logistics management strategy has been successfully applied abroad for many years, and has gradually been widely respected, studied and applied in China.
Core competitiveness is the ability of an enterprise to gradually form that is clearly different from its competitors. It is a magic weapon for enterprises to win in competition. It is mainly reflected in the core technology of the enterprise.The coupling industry is to systematize the transmission process design, equipment design, piping design, and transmission structure design.
When designing the spindle head of the elastic coupling for the compressor, it should be noted that different materials are used for the spindle spindle. The allowable specific pressure value, torsion stress value and key shear stress value are different from the stress value of the conventional spindle material. After the comparison calculation, select the appropriate value.
Recently, the "China Equipment Manufacturing Industry Cross-border M&A Seminar" was held in Beijing.At the meeting, dozens of equipment manufacturing companies conducted in-depth exchanges on cross-border mergers and acquisitions opportunities and experiences.
1.The buyer or contractor shall specify the type of protective device required. 2.Each coupling should have a protective device to close the coupling and the shaft to prevent people or objects from entering this dangerous area when the unit is running. 3.The protective device should be easy to disassemble, so that the connected machine will not be affected when the coupling is overhauled and maintained.