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The expansion sleeve of the elastic coupling is mainly fixed by tightening the four positioning screws on the end face of the Lingsi coupling to compress the account cover. It is suitable for the connection and fixing of some stepping motors and servo motors with large torque, such as expansion. Set of diaphragm couplings, expansion sleeve plum blossom couplings, expansion sleeve bellows couplings, expansion sleeve elastic couplings, etc.
The characteristic of the diaphragm coupling is a bit like a bellows coupling, in fact the way the coupling transmits torque is similar.The diaphragm itself is very thin, so it is easy to bend when the relative displacement load is generated, so it can withstand up to 1.5 degrees of deviation, while generating a lower bearing load in the servo system.
There are two main types of plum blossom couplings, one is the traditional straight claw type, and the other is the curved (concave) claw type zero-backlash coupling.The traditional straight-jaw plum blossom coupling is not suitable for high-degree servo transmission applications.The zero-backlash claw type plum blossom coupling is evolved on the basis of the straight claw type, but the difference is that its design can be suitable for the application of the servo system, and is often used to connect servo motors, stepping motors and ball screws.
The elastic pin coupling is a new type of high-performance coupling developed by our country. It focuses on the points of different structures of the existing standard elastic couplings, such as the point with a plum-shaped elastic coupling: the elastic element is compressed and the structure is simple. , High reliability.Overcome the shortcomings of the quincunx-shaped elastic coupling: when changing the elastic element, the half coupling, the double-flange quincunx-shaped elastic coupling and the moment of inertia are moved, and the application range is limited.
Now our plum coupling has good balance performance and is suitable for high speed applications (high speed up to 30000 rpm), but it cannot handle large deviations, especially eccentricities and deflection angles with large axial deviations. Will generate a larger bearing load than other servo couplings.
When we choose to purchase the coupling diaphragm, we must choose the appropriate type and model. This will have a better performance for the use of the function, but also can make the overall potential better. The important thing is to make the overall The cushioning and damping effects are maximized.
The plum blossom coupling has good balance performance and is suitable for high-speed applications (high speed up to 30000 rpm), but it cannot handle large deviations, especially axial deviations.Larger eccentricity and deflection angle will produce a larger bearing load than other servo couplings.Another value of concern is the failure of the plum blossom coupling.
The elastic pin coupling is a coupling made of non-metallic elastic raw materials according to the size of the two halves of the coupling pin, and the two halves of the coupling are hollow.
Speaking of our diaphragm coupling, it is composed of at least one diaphragm and two shaft sleeves.Now our diaphragm is fastened to the shaft sleeve with a pin and generally will not loosen or cause backlash between the diaphragm and the shaft sleeve.The difference between single-diaphragm coupling and double-diaphragm coupling is the ability to handle various deviations. In view of the complex bending of the diaphragm, the single-diaphragm coupling is not suitable for eccentricity.The double diaphragm coupling can bend in different directions at the same time to compensate for eccentricity.
Elastic coupling check whether there is radial circle runout and end face runout when the coupling rotates.Check the complete condition, wear condition of the coupling gear and the meshing condition of the internal and external gears.Check whether the pressure gauges and control cabinets are normal, and repair or replace them if they are damaged.