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What are the characteristics of plum couplings?

Publisher: Ever-Power Mechanical Equipment

   Plum blossomCouplingWhat are the characteristics?

  Now ourPlum couplingIt has good balance performance and is suitable for high-speed applications (high speeds up to 30000 rpm), but can not handle large deviations, especially large eccentricity and deflection angles that will produce greater axial deviations than other servo couplings Large bearing load.

  The plum blossom coupling is stable and reliable, has good damping, cushioning and electrical edge performance, simple structure, small radial size, light weight, small moment of inertia, and is suitable for medium and high speed applications.

  It has large axial, radial and angular compensation capabilities, high-strength polyurethane elastic elements are wear-resistant and oil-resistant, have large carrying capacity, long service life, and reliability.

  The plum blossom coupling does not need lubrication, the maintenance workload is small, and it can run continuously for a long time. The plum blossom elastic spacer has multiple leaf branches. Like a slider coupling, it is squeezed to make the plum blossom elastic spacer and the shafts on both sides. The sleeves are consistent and ensure the zero-clearance performance. Unlike the slider coupling, the plum coupling is driven by squeezing and the slider coupling is driven by shear.

  When we use the zero-clearance claw coupling, the user must pay attention not to exceed the large bearing capacity of the elastic element given by the manufacturer (under the premise of ensuring zero clearance), otherwise the plum elastic spacer will be squashed and deformed Loss of elasticity, preload disappears, resulting in loss of zero-clearance performance, and users may only find out after serious problems occur.