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Analyze the characteristics of elastic couplings

Publisher: Ever-Power Mechanical Equipment

  Analytical flexibilityCoupling

  Flexible couplingIt is a one-piece metal elastic body, usually cut from a metal round bar. Commonly used materials are aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and engineering plastics, which are suitable for various deviations and accurate torque transmission.

  Now our elastic couplings contain an elastic compound of pre-compressed rubber to provide extra strength and extend service life.The coupling can accommodate all types of deviations.The wheel hub is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which is both lightweight and corrosion-resistant.

  Among them, the rubber component is mainly used for shock absorption, so that the power transmission is smooth and quiet, thereby protecting the driving force and driving the machine.The installation is simple, because the rubber part is a split insert, it can be plug-in installation after the axis is aligned.The elastic coupling uses parallel or spiral groove system to adapt to various deviations and transmit torque accurately.Elastic couplings usually have good performance and have a potential for price. In many practical applications of stepping and servo systems, elastic couplings are products. The integrated design enables the elastic coupling to achieve zero-clearance transmission. Torque and maintenance-free potential.

  The elastic coupling has a continuous multi-turn long slot. This kind of coupling has very good elasticity and small bearing load.It can withstand various deviations and is suitable for correcting deflection and axial deviation, but its ability to deal with eccentricity is relatively poor. Because the spiral groove is bent in two different directions at the same time, a large internal pressure will be generated, which will lead to Premature damage to the coupling.

  Although the long spiral groove coupling can easily bend under various deviations, it has the same effect on the rigidity of the coupling under the torsional load.Excessive swing clearance under torsional load will affect the coupling's degree and weaken its overall performance.