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my country's invention patents rank first in the world for 5 consecutive years

Publisher: Ever-Power Mechanical Equipment

 In recent years, I want to rapidly improve my ability to innovate.As an important indicator to measure innovation capability, the number of invention patents accepted in my country continues to5Ranked No. XNUMX in the world in XNUMX, among which enterprises’ invention patent authorizations accounted for the number of domestic invention patent authorizations60that's all.

2016Information learned at the National Conference on Enterprise Management Innovation.Wang Zhongyu, Chairman of the China Enterprise Confederation, said that my country’s current high-speed railways, nuclear power, fourth-generation mobile communications, and UHV power transmission and transformation have made breakthroughs in a series of major technologies; The situation is very scarce, and the key core technology is constrained by others has not yet been fundamentally resolved.

"Many industries are still at the low end of the global value chain, and the ideological concepts and in-depth institutional mechanisms that restrict innovation and development need to be removed urgently." Wang Zhongyu said, GuangdaCouplingEnterprises must vigorously implement innovation-driven strategies to further promote transformation and upgrading.On the one hand, we must vigorously promote technological innovation, focus on conquering a number of key core technologies, and take the lead in the manufacturing field; on the other hand, we must further improve and improve the systems and mechanisms that are conducive to the transformation of business models, business models, and economic development methods.