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New Features of the Evaluation of "Top 30" Companies in the Coupling Industry

Publisher: Ever-Power Mechanical Equipment

This yearCouplingNew features of the industry's "Top 30" company evaluation:
More adhere to the principles of "scientific, fair and open"-on the basis of summarizing the evaluation work of the "Top 2015" enterprises in the industry in 30, according to the voice of the enterprise and the development of the industry, the evaluation method and the work process are refined.The revised "China Machine Tool Industry Operation Comprehensive Evaluation Index" index system better reflects the comprehensive evaluation of the enterprise's economic scale, operation quality and efficiency, growth and development, and further highlights the objective evaluation of the comprehensive strength of the enterprise's development.The evaluation process fully reflects fairness and openness, the activities do not charge any company fees, the purpose of public welfare activities is practiced, and the supervision of the entire industry is accepted to a large extent.
Fully respondCouplingThe current and future of the industry-Based on the evaluation system for the operation and development of enterprises, the changes of the “Top 2015” enterprises in the industry in 30 are closely related to the operation and development of the industry. The dynamic replacement of the listed companies indirectly reflects the new changes and new developments of the current industry And new trends.From the changes of the “Top 30” companies in the industry in the year, the development context and future trends of the industry can be studied and judged.
Building a "professional, authoritative, and charitable" brand influence is the starting point and foothold of the annual "Top 30" corporate evaluation activities in China's machine tool industry. Creating a sustainable development atmosphere for the industry is our high aim.