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Natural gas vigorously develops as a clean and environmentally friendly energy source

Publisher: Ever-Power Mechanical Equipment

 Against the background of the oil crisis and rising oil prices, natural gas, as a clean and environmentally friendly energy source, is developing vigorously all over the world and has broad prospects.And in natural gas production equipmentCouplingGeographical restrictions on the production and consumption of natural gas require the storage, transmission and peak shaving of natural gas.On the one hand, the gas pipeline network is under vigorous construction, including China's natural gas pipeline network to the three Central Asian countries and Russia, but at the same time the construction of the gas pipeline network is very limited, which requires the liquefaction of natural gas for international trade, which is very convenient .

As far as I am concerned, the demand for natural gas is very urgent.Although my country’s natural gas production has grown rapidly, with an average annual growth rate of 1996 from 2006 to 14 and 20 in recent years, the demand for natural gas is even greater. In 2015, my country’s natural gas consumption was 556 cubic meters, a year-on-year increase of 21.6, accounting for the world Bit.On the one hand, I want to make up for the gap in my country's natural gas consumption through gas transmission pipeline network and sea LNG trade on the land.Compared to pipeline natural gas. LNGCouplingThe connection is more flexible, more, and the only means of ocean transportation.At present, my country's coastal cities are building corresponding LNG receiving stations, and my country's LNG business is booming.