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The development of plum coupling industry

Publisher: Ever-Power Mechanical Equipment

        In recent years, as our countryPlum couplingThe industrial and energy equipment manufacturing industry continues to develop, and its status in the world has gradually improved, especially in the field of energy equipment technology standards.

        This is a new breakthrough in international standardization in the field of my country's power generation equipment, and it is also a significant strategic achievement of my country's electrical industry to revitalize the power equipment manufacturing industry and enhance independent innovation of power equipment.At present, I have obtained 3 international chair positions in IEC, established 3 key international secretariats, 2 technical management experts, and won 3 IEC1906 technical contribution awards.In recent years, my country's steam turbine manufacturing industry has made important technological breakthroughs in the development of major equipment such as ultra-supercritical, large air-cooled units, and nuclear power steam turbines. It is necessary to use the IEC/TC5 platform to gain more voice.