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Installation technology of elastic pin coupling

Publisher: Ever-Power Mechanical Equipment

  Elastic pinCouplingIt is a new type of high-performance coupling developed by our country, which focuses on existing standardsFlexible couplingPoints with different structures, such as points with plum-shaped elastic couplings: the elastic element is compressed, the structure is simple, and the reliability is high.Overcome the shortcomings of the quincunx-shaped elastic coupling: the half coupling is moved when changing the elastic element, the double-flange quincunx-shaped elastic coupling and the moment of inertia, the application range is limited.When transmitting the same torque, the radial dimension is much smaller than that of GB 4323 elastic sleeve pin coupling, with light weight and small moment of inertia.The elastic movable pin coupling has good performance in compensating axial, radial and angular axis deviation, good vibration reduction performance, simple structure, stable and reliable operation, no noise, no lubrication, simple maintenance, convenient assembly and disassembly, and manufacturability Good, low cost, can be derived into a variety of structural forms, good versatility, wide application range, easy to use and popularize. One of the outstanding points of this coupling is that it only needs to be suitable for axis alignment and installation is difficult, and it is required to minimize auxiliary Working environment of working hours.

  The flexible live pin coupling has a wide range of applications, involving various fields of the national economy. Except for high temperature and high speed special working conditions, all kinds of mechanical product shafting transmissions can be applied. It can be applied to metallurgy, mining, lifting, transportation, and petroleum. , Chemical, shipbuilding, transportation, textile, light industry, agricultural machinery, printing machinery and water pumps, fans, compressors, machine tool reducers and other mechanical equipment in the industry shafting drive, will gradually replace the widely used plum-shaped flexible coupling , Elastic sleeve pin coupling,Elastic pin coupling, Elastic pin gear couplings, new elastic couplings, elastic block couplings, roller chain couplings and gear couplings and other standard couplings in the corresponding specifications