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There are two main types of plum coupling

There are two main types of plum blossom couplings, one is the traditional straight claw type, and the other is the curved (concave) claw type zero-backlash coupling.The traditional straight-jaw type plum blossom coupling is not suitable for high-degree servo transmission applications.The zero-clearance claw type plum blossom coupling is evolved on the basis of the straight claw type, but it is different...

Installation technology of elastic pin coupling

The elastic pin coupling is a new type of high-performance coupling developed by our country. It focuses on the points of different structures of the existing standard elastic couplings, such as the point with a plum-shaped elastic coupling: the elastic element is compressed and the structure is simple. , High reliability.Overcome the shortcomings of the quincunx-shaped elastic coupling: move the half coupling when changing the elastic element, the double-flange quincunx-shaped elastic coupling and the rotation...

What are the disadvantages of elastic pin couplings

The elastic pin coupling is a coupling made of non-metallic elastic raw materials according to the size of the two halves of the coupling pin, and the two halves of the coupling are hollow.

Introduction to the classification and characteristics of pin couplings

Due to manufacturing and installation errors, deformation after load, and the influence of temperature changes on the two shafts connected by the coupling, the relative position of the two shafts will change, and strict alignment is often not guaranteed.According to whether the coupling has elastic elements, whether it has the ability to compensate for various relative displacements, that is, whether the coupling function and the purpose of the coupling can be maintained under the premise of relative displacement,...

Introduce what is a pin coupling

The large torque transmitted by the pin coupling should be less than the allowable torque value. The determination of the large torque should consider the acceleration and deceleration torque and overload torque required for machine braking. However, when the design data is insufficient or the analysis is difficult, the large torque is not easy to determine. It can be selected according to the calculated torque. That is, it does not exceed the allowable torque value.

The function and principle of steam turbine coupling adjusting actuator

The speed governing device of the steam turbine coupling is the core component to ensure the smooth operation of the steam turbine unit. If the speed governing system fails, resulting in large fluctuations in the speed, it will cause unstable operation, unit vibration, runaway and other major equipment accidents.

German translation of technical terms for coupling machining

In the process of coupling machining, German machinery books are often used. The following is the translation of coupling machining technical terms in German by the Ever-Power Coupling Technology Department

Traction characteristics of shearer coupling

When the shearer coupling is working, it needs to run in two directions. The speed in one direction is positive, and the opposite direction is negative.Generally, the shearer advances under the action of traction, and when the shearer is maneuvered along the inclined working surface in the downward direction, the direction of the sliding force is the same as the direction of movement

Technical requirements for ship's intermediate shaft, thrust shaft, stern shaft and coupling

适用于船舶中间轴、推力轴、尾轴、联轴器1、 材料:常用30、35或40钢,建议采用35钢。内河小型船舶轴材料允许采用热轧钢或25钢。联轴器允许采用ZG30,ZG35。其所用材料强度一般不应低...

Non-destructive inspection of plum blossom coupling forgings

1. Plum blossom coupling forgings are generally required to be free of cracks, white spots, folding, serious ingot segregation and serious non-metallic inclusions. 2. Ultrasonic inspection of plum blossom coupling forgings...