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Product quality is the life of an enterprise, and the quality assurance system is an important guarantee for the production of products.The quality assurance system of our factory is as follows:
1. The organizational strength has formulated the company's guiding documents and a set of rules and regulations.
2. Hire a part of technical personnel, each key position is equipped with corresponding technical force.
3. In order to ensure the normal operation of the management system, the company has stepped up the training of employees, organized employees to learn laws and regulations, and operate legally, and the production of counterfeit and shoddy goods is strictly prohibited.Consciously maintain the reputation of the company.
4. Strictly stipulated the inspection procedures for the entire production process of the product, equipped with a full set of testing equipment.Continuous monitoring is implemented from the raw materials and auxiliary materials entering the factory to the finished products leaving the factory.
Since the company has established a quality assurance system, it has laid a good foundation for the company to gain a firm foothold in the fierce market competition.We believe that as long as we continue to improve our own shortcomings and persevere in quality management, more users will be willing to cooperate with us.

Pre-sale service commitment:
1. Provide product design and manufacturing for special needs to meet the individual needs of customers.
2. The company strictly abides by the contract and arranges production and shipment, and guarantees the delivery according to the agreed time of the contract.
After-sales service commitment:
1. The three guarantees are implemented for the products sold. During the three guarantees period, if problems caused by the quality of the product occur, the factory will repair, replace, and return; for problems caused by other reasons, the factory will try to help users solve the problems , In order to ensure that the products are put into operation in time and reduce the accident loss.
2. Installation, commissioning and on-site technical services of major equipment. Technical experts headed by the deputy chief engineer will bring their own teams to provide on-site services to solve various problems of users.The project is assigned to the construction site representative.
3. After the company's products arrive at your place, the technical staff will be responsible for assisting and guiding the installation, commissioning and other work.
4. Efforts to adapt to the users to do a good job in the on-site operation and maintenance of the products, and can provide users with spare parts and accessories for the products of our factory at any time at the cost.
5. Adhere to the principle of quality assurance and customer first, and obey the call of the user at any time. When on-site service is required, our factory guarantees to give a reply within 24 hours of receiving the user's notice.
6. If there are quality problems in the maintenance range of the equipment, the company is responsible for free maintenance, and arrives or responds within 2-5 hours of receiving the user's call.