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The function and classification requirements of plum coupling

Publisher: Ever-Power Mechanical Equipment

  Plum blossomCouplingThe function of

  OnPlum couplingIn the process of actual use, the transmission of the two places is usually effectively linked through a variety of different connections. They have a strong function of absorbing shock, and can better mitigate the impact. , And as a kind of device, in the actual installation process, it can also prevent the load of various places from being overloaded, and can better play a role of overload protection, so they are running During the process, it can be carried out on the machine, and the rotation can be better stopped. After disassembly, the two axes can be separated.

  Classification requirements for plum coupling

  If you want to classify plum couplings, they are basically divided into fixed, movable, and flexible. The classification requirements of different places are naturally different, but these three classification methods are basically It also covers different categories, and they can be compensated within a certain range, and have the effect of cushioning and damping.