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How to choose the coupling diaphragm

Publisher: Ever-Power Mechanical Equipment

  How to chooseCouplingDiaphragm

  Diaphragm couplingThis feature is a bit like a bellows coupling, in fact the way the coupling transmits torque is similar.The diaphragm itself is very thin, so it is easy to bend when the relative displacement load is generated, so it can withstand up to 1.5 degrees of deviation, while generating a lower bearing load in the servo system.

  For the preliminary selected coupling dimensions of the bearing coupling, that is, the shaft hole diameter d and the shaft hole length L, should meet the requirements of the main and driven end shaft diameters, otherwise the coupling specifications must be adjusted according to the shaft diameter d.

  The diaphragm coupling is composed of at least one diaphragm and two shaft sleeves.The diaphragm is fastened to the shaft sleeve with a pin and generally does not loosen or cause backlash between the diaphragm and the shaft sleeve.Some manufacturers provide two diaphragms, and some provide three diaphragms, with one or two rigid elements in the middle, and the two sides are connected to the shaft sleeve.

  Diaphragm couplings are often used in servo systems. Diaphragms have good torque rigidity, but are slightly inferior to bellows couplings. Diaphragm couplings are very clever. If they are misused or incorrectly installed in use, they are very difficult. easily damaged.Therefore, it is very important to ensure that the deviation is within the tolerance range of the normal operation of the coupling.