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What are the key points of choosing the coupling diaphragm?

Publisher: Ever-Power Mechanical Equipment

   CouplingWhat are the key points for the purchase of diaphragms?

  When we choose to purchase the coupling diaphragm, we must choose the appropriate type and model. This will have a better performance for the use of the function, but also can make the overall potential better. The important thing is to make the overall The cushioning and damping effects are maximized.

  The material of the coupling diaphragm is incorrectly selected. The diaphragm should be selected according to the medium used, and some have to be customized.For example, some diaphragms are not resistant to organic solvents. If organic solvents are used, the diaphragms are of course easily damaged.The temperature resistance of the diaphragm of which diaphragm pump is used depends on the medium, especially the temperature.

  Use the coupling diaphragm correctly and reasonably. If the correct material is selected, the material of the diaphragm is just suitable for the material used by the pump, and there is no problem with the quality of the diaphragm itself.The fragility of the diaphragm should be related to whether it is used correctly.Diaphragm pumps often run at high speeds. Frequent empty or half-empty operations will affect the service life of the diaphragm, and the large amount of solid particles in the logistics will also affect the service life.

  In addition, the life of the coupling diaphragm has a certain value of the number of times of use, about 800 million to 2000 million times. If used correctly, it can be used continuously for about 1000 hours to 3000 hours according to the low value. If the diaphragm is always used Damage, the major factor is that the material of the diaphragm is not selected correctly.