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Flexible pin coupling standard

Flexible pin coupling standard

Elastic sleeve cancellationCouplingStandard basic type, with brake wheel type GB/T4323-2002Elastic pin coupling标准基本型、带制动轮型GB/T5014-2003径向弹性柱销联轴器基本型、单法兰型、带制动轮型、接中间轴器 JB/T7849-2007弹性柱销齿式联轴器标准基本型、接中间轴型、带制动轮型GB/T5844-2002
JMI diaphragm couplingMLZ type single flange plum blossom elastic couplingFlexible elastic coupling

 新全CouplingStandard interpretation

Flange coupling           Basic type, with centering tenon type, with centering ring type       GB/T5843-2003
Radial key rigid coupling     Basic type, removable type                       JB/ZQ4377-1997
Parallel shaft coupling         Rolling bearing type, sliding bearing type               JB / T7006-2006
Clamping coupling           Bolt clamping type                           FJ165-1979
                     Vertical type                                HG5-21-65
Slider coupling           Basic type, metal disc type                      JB/ZQ4384-1997
Chain coupling           Basic double-row roller chain                      GB/T6069-2002
Roller coupling           Special type for spherical roller reel                 JB / T7009-2007
Cross shaft universal coupling   WSDouble type, WSD single type               JB / T5901-1991
Cross shaft universal coupling   SWPPartial housing type                     JB / T3241-2005            
Cross shaft universal coupling   SWCIntegral fork head type                       JB / T5513-2006
Cross shaft universal coupling   SWZIntegral housing type                     JB / T3242-1993
Cross shaft universal coupling   Straightening machine special type                         JB / T7846.2-2007
Ball cage universal coupling     Basic type                                GB/T7549-1987
Ball cage universal coupling     Heavy duty                                JB / T6140-1992
Slider universal coupling     Basic type                                JB/ZQ4384-1997
Slider universal coupling     Straightening machine special type                          JB / T7846.1-2007
Spherical joint universal coupling     Single ball hinge, double ball hinge                        JB / T6139-2007
Plum blossom typeFlexible coupling     Basic type, single flange type, double flange type, brake wheel type GB/T5272-2002
Elastic sleeve cancellation coupling     Basic type, brake wheel type                     GB/T4323-2002
Elastic pin coupling       Basic type, brake wheel type                      GB/T5014-2003
Radial elastic pin coupling   Basic type, single flange type, brake wheel type, intermediate shaft connection JB/T7849-2007
Elastic pin gear coupling   Basic type, intermediate shaft type, brake wheel type         GB/T5844-2002
Tire coupling           Basic type with skeleton                           GB/T5844-2005
Tire coupling           Integral type, open type, split type, heavy-duty type         JB / T10541-2005
Elastic block coupling         Basic type, pin type                     JB / T9148-1999
Core type elastic block coupling     Basic type, double flange type                       GB/T10614-1989
H-type elastic block coupling     Basic type, brake wheel type, with intermediate shaft         JB / T5511-2006
Saddle block elastic coupling                                             JB / T7684-2006
Polygonal rubber coupling                                            JB / T5512-1991
Elastic ring coupling                                                GB/T2496-1996
Star elastic coupling                                              JB / T10466-2004
Serpentine spring coupling                                              JB / T8869-2000
Diaphragm coupling                                                  JB / T9147-1999
Flexible rod coupling                                                GB/T12922-2008
Reed coupling                                                  GB/T12922-2008
Bellows coupling                                                SJ/T2126-1982
Flexible tube coupling                                                SJ/T2124-1982
Film coupling                                                  SJ/T2127-1982
Internal expansion friction coupling                                        JB / T6138-2007
Hydraulic coupling                                            JB / T7355-2007
Steel grit coupling                                            JB / T5986-1992
Steel ball coupling                                            JB / T5987-1992
Serpentine spring coupling                                          JB / T10476-2004
Magnetic powder coupling                                            JB / T5988-1992
Drum gear coupling     GICL                                  JB / T8854.3-2001
Drum gear coupling     GIICL                                 JB / T8854.2-2001
Drum gear coupling     WGBasic type                               JB/ZQ4186-1997
Drum gear coupling    GICLZWide Intermediate Shaft                        JB / T8854.3-2001
Drum gear coupling GIICLZ narrow intermediate shaft coupling                      JB / T8854.2-2001
Drum gear coupling GCLD connected to motor shaft extension type                         JB / T8854.1-2001
Drum gear coupling WGP with brake disc                            JB / T7001-2007
Drum gear coupling WGC vertical installation type                            JB / T7002-2007
Drum gear coupling WGZ with brake wheel type                            JB / T7003-2007
Drum gear coupling WGT with intermediate sleeve type                            JB / T7004-2007
Drum gear coupling WGJ to intermediate shaft type                             JB / T8821-1998
Drum gear coupling NGCL with brake wheel type                           JB/ZQ4644-1997
Drum gear coupling NGCLZ with brake wheel type                          JB/ZQ4645-1997
Drum gear coupling GSL telescopic type                                 JB / T10540-2005
Flexible gear coupling                                             JB / T5514-2007
Nylon inner gear ring type TGL coupling                                  JB / T5514-2007
Double curvature drum gear coupling   Basic type, with intermediate shaft type                  JB / T5514-2007


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