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How to maintain the elastic coupling

Publisher: Ever-Power Mechanical Equipment

  elasticityCouplingHow to maintain it

  forFlexible couplingFor the inspection, we should pay attention to the following points:

  1. Check the coupling body for cracks.

  2. Check whether the coupling connection is tight and firm.

  3. Check whether the key connection of the coupling is loose and roll the key.

  4. Check whether there is radial circle runout and end face runout when the coupling rotates.

  5. Check whether the lubrication condition of the coupling is good.

  6. Check the complete condition, wear condition of the coupling gear and the meshing condition of the internal and external gears.

  So how to maintain the elastic coupling?

  1. Partially disassemble and inspect the equipment, clean the specified parts, and dredge the pipes and valves;

  2. Replace or clean the packing, observe whether the sealing part is leaking, adjust the matching gap of each part of the equipment, and fasten each part of the equipment;

  3. Carry out lubrication and anti-rust treatment on the bolts of the motor and the water pump;

  4. Check whether the pressure gauges and control cabinets are normal, and repair or replace them if they are damaged;

  5. Check the operation of the control cabinet and whether the internal components are normal.