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The key to good design lies in the accumulation of design literacy

Publisher: Ever-Power Mechanical Equipment

Moulds, automobiles, home appliances, construction machinery,CouplingDesign of various mechanical equipment such as non-standard equipment.Use commonly used mechanical design software: AutoCAD, Proe, UG and other tools to do product structure design or other designs, constantly modify, face the computer every day, and go around the Internet when you have time. Designing requires good patience.Many design newcomers are keen to toss on the various techniques of design software. This is a misunderstanding: the relationship between design software and mechanical product design is like the relationship between calligraphy and literary works. Good calligraphy can write good-looking characters, but not necessarily. Write good literary works.Therefore, the key to good design lies in the accumulation of design literacy, not the software itself, so there is no need to learn a bunch of software in order to meet certain purposes, and ignore the essence of mechanical design.The design career is very long, but to become a show designer, there are many things to learn, such as materials, crafts, processing, aesthetics and so on.