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How to choose the coupling diaphragm

Publisher: Ever-Power Mechanical Equipment

  How to chooseCouplingDiaphragm

  The shaft system to which the coupling diaphragm is connected and its operating conditions. For the shaft system that has a large mass and a large moment of inertia, and often starts, shifts or reverses, you should consider choosing the one that can withstand large instantaneous overloads and can Shock-absorbing bombElastic pin coupling.

  The coupling device characteristics of the prime mover and the working coupling, the type of prime mover are different, and the output power and speed are stable, some impact or even strong impact or vibration.This will directly affect the choice of coupling type and is one of the primary basis for selection.For the stable load and the development situation of the industry, you can choose the rigid elastic pin coupling, otherwise it is better to choose the elastic elastic pin coupling, TL type elastic sleeve pin coupling.

  The speed of the diaphragm of the working coupling is high or low. For the two-shaft connection that requires high-speed operation, the structure of the coupling should be considered to have high balance characteristics to eliminate vibration and noise caused by centrifugal force, and increase the relevant drum-shaped gear coupling. The wear and heat of the shaft reduce the transmission quality and service life, among whichDiaphragm couplingGood adaptability to high-speed operation.

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