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How to choose the coupling diaphragm

The shaft system to which the coupling diaphragm is connected and its operating conditions. For the shaft system that has a large mass and a large moment of inertia, and often starts, shifts or reverses, you should consider choosing the one that can withstand large instantaneous overloads and can Elastic and elastic pin coupling for cushioning and absorbing vibration.

Gear coupling transmission of compressor

Gear coupling transmission also has the function of transmitting power and changing speed. Gear transmission itself also needs to consume a certain amount of energy, but it is more efficient than belt transmission.

Coupling guard

1.The buyer or contractor shall specify the type of protective device required. 2.Each coupling should have a protective device to close the coupling and the shaft to prevent people or objects from entering this dangerous area when the unit is running. 3.The protective device should be easy to disassemble, so that the connected machine will not be affected when the coupling is overhauled and maintained.

Suitable for renewal of impeller shaft, thrust shaft, drive shaft and twist shaft coupling of mud pump

Suitable for cracks on steel castings of mud pump impeller shafts, thrust shafts, drive shafts and twist shaft couplings, if the depth does not exceed 1/2 of the thickness

Technical conditions for important forgings such as couplings for steam turbines

The technical conditions of important forgings such as couplings for steam turbines are applicable to important forgings such as couplings for steam turbines

Factors that should be considered when choosing a coupling, the working environment of the coupling

The coupling is used in conjunction with various host products, and the surrounding working environment is more complicated, such as temperature, humidity, water, steam, dust, sand, oil, acid, alkali, corrosive media, salt water, radiation, etc. One of the important factors to be considered when shafting.

The economics of factors that should be considered when choosing a coupling

Due to the different types, types and specifications of the coupling structure, material, size and degree, the cost and manufacturing cost vary greatly.The cost of couplings with general requirements is lower than that with high requirements; the cost of couplings with simple structure and good manufacturability is lower than that of couplings with complex structure and poor manufacturability; the cost of couplings using general materials as raw materials Lower than the use of special materials as the original...

Factors that should be considered when choosing a diaphragm coupling: the transmission degree of the coupling

The shafting transmission with small torque and mainly transmitting motion requires the coupling to have a high degree of transmission, and a flexible coupling with a metal elastic element should be used.