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Speaking of our diaphragm coupling, it is composed of at least one diaphragm and two shaft sleeves.Now our diaphragm is fastened to the shaft sleeve with a pin and generally will not loosen or cause backlash between the diaphragm and the shaft sleeve.The difference between single-diaphragm coupling and double-diaphragm coupling is the ability to handle various deviations. In view of the complex bending of the diaphragm, the single-diaphragm coupling is not suitable for eccentricity.The double diaphragm coupling can bend in different directions at the same time to compensate for eccentricity.
The diaphragm coupling has a strong ability to compensate for the misalignment of the two axes. Compared with the gear coupling, the angular displacement can be doubled, the reaction force is small during the radial displacement, the flexibility is large, and a certain axial and diameter are allowed. And angular displacement.
The JMI type single diaphragm coupling with counterbore relies on the elastic deformation of the diaphragm to compensate for the relative displacement of the two shafts connected. It is a high-performance flexible coupling with metal elastic elements. It does not require lubrication, and has a compact structure and strength. High, long service life, no...
The two shafts connected by the coupling are caused by manufacturing errors, assembly errors, installation errors, shaft deformation, base deformation, bearing wear, temperature changes (thermal expansion, cold contraction), relative movement between components, etc. This kind of factor produces relative displacement.
The shafting transmission with small torque and mainly transmitting motion requires the coupling to have a high degree of transmission, and a flexible coupling with a metal elastic element should be used.
Jindun Diaphragm Coupling attaches great importance to the research and development of new products and technological innovation, and a number of new technologies and new products are declared for national patents every year.In order to improve the product quality and produce large-scale couplings, one is to create a shortcut and do not engage in low-level and disorderly competition without labor and money; the other is to cooperate with foreign countries, and the United Kingdom and others have introduced advanced diaphragm coupling technology and adopted Foreign patterns, through absorption and transformation, become their main new products;
The characteristic of the diaphragm coupling is a bit like a bellows coupling.In fact, the way the coupling transmits torque is similar.
Before installing the diaphragm coupling, clean the end faces of the two shafts and check the fit of the key grooves on the end faces.
Diaphragm coupling is a high-performance flexible coupling with metal elastic elements. It does not require lubrication, has high strength and compact structure. It is one of the widely used couplings in the industry.
Diaphragm couplings are flexible couplings with metal elastic elements, which mainly rely on the stainless steel diaphragm in the middle to transmit torque.
ZJM type expansion sleeve coupling single-type diaphragm coupling has a large allowable range of eccentricity, which can be flexibly applied to various transmission systems. It is quick to disassemble and assemble, and has high assembly repeatability.