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The plum-shaped elastic coupling is a widely used coupling, also called a claw coupling, which is composed of two metal claw discs and an elastic body.
The elastic element of the quincunx elastic coupling is similar to the quincunx shape.The coupling has the properties of compensating for the relative offset of the two shafts, damping, and cushioning, small diameter, simple structure, no lubrication, high load capacity and easy maintenance.
The LMS (formerly MLS) double-flange plum blossom elastic coupling is mainly composed of two protruding teeth that are closely meshed and subjected to radial compression to transmit torque. When the two axes are relatively offset, the elastic element will have corresponding elasticity. Deformation, to automatically make up...
LMZ type quincunx elastic coupling with brake wheel is composed of two half-couplings with the same shape of the claws and elastic elements. The plum-shaped elastic element is placed between the two halves of the coupling claws to achieve The coupling of the two halves of the coupling.