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Slider coupling is a commonly used component in mechanical products. It is used to connect two shafts or shafts and rotating parts, and in the process of transmitting motion and power, they rotate together without disengaging or changing the direction of rotation. The amount of torque; Some couplings also...
Slider couplings are divided into SL-type cross slider couplings and KL-type nylon slider couplings. Slider couplings are suitable for occasions with small transmission torque and have a certain relative offset between the two shafts. , Shock absorption and cushioning performance.
The material of the sliding block coupling parts can be 45 steel, and the working surface needs to be heat treated to improve its hardness; Q275 steel can also be used when the requirements are low, without heat treatment.
The SL cross slider coupling consists of two half couplings with grooves on the end faces and an intermediate disc with protruding teeth on both sides.Because the convex teeth can slide in the groove, the relative displacement between the two shafts during installation and operation can be compensated.