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The elastic pin coupling is a new type of high-performance coupling developed by our country. It focuses on the points of different structures of the existing standard elastic couplings, such as the point with a plum-shaped elastic coupling: the elastic element is compressed and the structure is simple. , High reliability.Overcome the shortcomings of the quincunx-shaped elastic coupling: when changing the elastic element, the half coupling, the double-flange quincunx-shaped elastic coupling and the moment of inertia are moved, and the application range is limited.
The elastic pin coupling is a coupling made of non-metallic elastic raw materials according to the size of the two halves of the coupling pin, and the two halves of the coupling are hollow.
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The elastic sleeve cancels the coupling standard basic type, with brake wheel type GB/T4323-2002 elastic pin coupling standard basic type, with brake wheel type GB/T5014-2003 radial elastic pin coupling basic type , Single flange type, brake wheel type...
In addition to the reasonable selection of materials and various forming processes, heat treatment processes are often indispensable for the installation method of elastic pin couplings.
The material of the elastic pin coupling element (pin) is generally nylon, which has the ability to compensate the deviation of the two axes in a small amount. The elastic part is sheared when working, and the working reliability is poor. It is only suitable for the medium-speed transmission shaft system with very low requirements. .
The elastic pin coupling produced by our company has undergone technical research and improvement, and now it is interchangeable. You don't need to take the character head, and you can change any half of the character head at will.
The HL type elastic pin coupling has been listed as the national standard GB5014-85, which is suitable for various mechanically connected drive shafts of two coaxial lines, and is usually used for frequent high and low speed movements.
The ZLL type elastic pin coupling is a pin made of several non-metallic elastic materials, which is placed in the flange hole of the two halves of the coupling, and the two halves of the coupling are connected by the pin. The coupling has a simple structure , Easy to manufacture.