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Analysis of Causes of Wear of Elastic Couplings

Publisher: Ever-Power Mechanical Equipment

  elasticityCouplingIt is used for the elastic connection of the master-slave shafting of power machinery.Circumferentially evenly arranged elastic drum-shaped gear coupling 1 is connected to the master-slave hubs 4, 5 of the coupling, and is composed of a spiral ring-shaped elastic body of elastic elements solidly connected by a multi-strand steel wire stranded by a metal splint. The annular free deformation space between the coupling master and slave hubs, the coupling master and slave hubs form an elastic displacement compensation feature in the axial, radial, and shaft inclination directions through the annular free deformation space.It is suitable for shafting connection of various power devices driven by marine main and auxiliary engines, internal combustion engines, diesel engines, electric couplings and hydraulic motors.
Flexible couplingAnalysis of the causes of wear: main couplingElastic pin couplingThe shock absorber sinks, causing misalignment of the shafting system and generating additional torque!This may be great for new ships.Elastic coupling rubber drum gear coupling heat and fracture accident; matching problem: only the various equipment in the shaft system, such as diesel engine, high elastic coupling, gear box, other parts of the shaft system, propeller, etc. Design and complement each other and support each other to improve design flexibility and cancel the choice of coupling horizontal coupling, so that the designed ship is a high-quality ship in the sense.Drum-shaped gear coupling; the reason is complicated, and it needs to be analyzed in detail.