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How to choose the right coupling

Publisher: Ever-Power Mechanical Equipment

  Current diaphragmCouplingMore and more customers are favored. In developed countries in the world, diaphragm couplings with long service life, no lubrication and maintenance are commonly used instead of drum gear couplings, which not only improve economic efficiency, but also Purify the working environment.The transmission system of the rolling mill is developed by our countryElastic pin couplingAnd scallopsFlexible coupling(Also known as saddle block coupling), not only hasDiaphragm couplingIn addition, the cushioning effect is good, and the price is cheaper.Therefore, it is recommended that Botou Couplings choose the type of coupling and consider the working conditions to achieve the required torque. You can try to choose a diaphragm coupling and an elastic pin coupling (also known as a nylon log-off coupling). Etc.), if the customer encounters the coupling model selection problem can not be solved, you are welcome to call Botou Coupling Factory, we will be happy to help you.

  It is difficult to adjust the alignment of the two shafts of large machinery and equipment, so you should choose the coupling that is durable and easy to replace the wearing parts.Metal elastic element flexible couplings generally have a longer service life than non-metal elastic element flexible couplings.The need to seal and lubricate and the use of non-durable couplings will increase the maintenance workload.For occasions with long-term continuous operation and high economic benefits, such as the high-speed end of the rolling mill transmission system of my country's metallurgical enterprises, gear couplings are currently commonly used. Although the gear couplings theoretically transmit large torque, they must be Durable work can only be done under good lubrication and sealing conditions.In addition, it is necessary to frequently check the sealing condition and inject lubricating oil or grease. The maintenance workload is large, which increases auxiliary working hours, reduces effective working time, and affects production efficiency.The outer dimensions of the coupling, that is, the large radial and axial dimensions, must be within the installation space allowed by the machine and equipment.Choose a coupling that is convenient for assembly and disassembly, does not require maintenance, has a long maintenance period or is convenient for maintenance, does not need to move the two shafts to replace the wearing parts, and is easy to adjust the centering.