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Correct installation method of elastic coupling

Publisher: Ever-Power Mechanical Equipment

  elasticityCouplingWhen installing on the shaft, the common installation methods are dynamic press-in method and static press-in method, which should be carefully checkedFlexible couplingPerpendicularity and coaxiality with the axis.Generally, it depends on whether the fit of the shaft is a transition fit or an interference fit. Now let’s introduce the installation methods of the static and dynamic press-in methods:
  1. Power press-in method: This method refers to the use of impact tools or machinery to complete the assembly process. It is generally used in situations where the fit between the elastic coupling and the shaft is transitional or small.The method of hammering at the assembly site is usually to place wooden blocks or other soft materials on the end surface of the hub as a buffer, and rely on the impact force of the hand hammer to knock the elastic coupling in.
  2. Static press-in method: This method uses clamps, jacks, manual or motorized presses according to the required press-in force during assembly. The static press-in method is generally used for tapered shaft holes.Because the static press-in method is restricted by the pressure machine, it is difficult to apply a large force when the interference is large.At the same time, during the press-in process, the uneven small peaks on the mating surface between the elastic coupling and the shaft will be cut off, causing the mating surface to be damaged.Therefore, this method is generally not widely used.