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Allowable stress of elastic coupling material for compressor

Publisher: Ever-Power Mechanical Equipment

    Compressor elasticityCouplingWhen designing the spindle head, it should be noted that different materials are used for the spindle spindle. The allowable specific pressure value, torsion stress value and key shear stress value are all different from the stress value of the conventional spindle material. After comparison and calculation, the appropriate selection should be made. Value.

    For the austenitic stainless steel used in low-temperature compressors, attention should be paid to the calculation of strength. Since the strength index of austenitic stainless steel is lower than that of other commonly used ordinary low-alloy steels, it cannot be selected based on experience. Strict calculations.For example, when the temperature is less than or equal to 20 degrees Celsius, the allowable stress of 16MnDR is 163MPa, and the allowable stress of 0Cr18Ni9 is 137MPa, so pay attention to it when designing.